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Incorporation of a company

Including incorporation service, nominee director service, nominee shareholder service, business license application, bank account opening, business support service and etc.

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Corporate Secretarial

Including filling annual return, strike off company, liquidation of company, custom registration, company search and etc. 

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Cloud Accounting Service (partnership with Odoo and XERO), Compilation of Financial Statement, XBRL Report, Monthly Bookkeeping Service, Setup of Accounting System, Consolidation Accounts and many more. 

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Good and Service Tax

(GST) Submission

GST related services including GST Voluntary Registration or Compulsory Registration, GST Form 5 submission, E-filling of GST and other GST related services.

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All-in 1 Cloud Accounting Solutions

Everything 'online'. Cloub based accounting allowed business owner to stay connected to their business anytime, anywhere. Simple, and highly efficient.

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Tax Service

Our experienced tax professionals will handle the taxes that your company is entitled to. They have expertise in taxes and strong awareness of the benefits that the government is offering. 

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Tax planning

Planning is a critical strategy when it comes to taxation. We offer different packages to accomandate different business needs based on business nature. From tax planning to tax filling, it is all prepared by our professional team, who work out the best tax planning to strategize your company.

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Major Exporter Scheme(MES) Review

Eligible to apply for MES and need someone to review? Our professional team are certified to review your application. 

Contact us.

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Approved Third Party Logistic (3PL) Company Scheme Review

Under this scheme,  approved logistics companies that provide logistics management services to overseas clients do not need to pay import GST or charge GST on the supplies of their overseas clients’ goods under certain circumstances.  
Eligible to apply?

Contact us to ease your cash flow. 

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Payroll Services

With our strategized partnership and professional personnel, it allows us to make your payroll simple, clear and perfectly on-time. Payroll can be time-consuming, but with us, it is simple and easy.

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Business Grant Consultancy Services

The startups & SMEs are the powerhouses of Singapore. They employ almost two-thirds of the Singaporean workforce. The authorities try to support these entities. There are a number of government grants for Singapore companies to help them overcome obstacles in their growth.

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Nominee Director Services

Every company that is registered in Singapore must have at least one director who is a resident of the country. This is a regulation of the country's Companies Act. If a foreigner incorporates a company in Singapore but does not have a local person who can act as a resident director of the new company, then the foreigner can "hire" a person to act as a director for a fee.