Applied Chartered Accountants 

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Our strength: Accounting, Tax, Corporate Secretarial, Human Resource Payroll

Till to date, hundred of users have benefited from our customized services.

There are no assignments too small for us!


Your data is our duty.

Our team are bound by confidentiality policies and employ powerful data security measures, ensuring that your private information stays that way.


Our knowledge is your asset.

Our team is comprised of highly trained, dedicated and experienced professional who are able to serve your needs right.


Your business, our business.

Our professionals are dedicated to ensure you are compliant with local regulatory environment, whether that maybe financial statements or corporate tax returns. 

Our offers

Monthly Accounting Services


/per month with GST
  • Profit and Loss statements
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • General Ledgers

Corporate Secretarial Services


/ per year with GST
  • Yearly mandatory fillings
  • Annual compliance and advisory services
  • Maintenance of statutory registers and minutes book
  • Other Corporate secretarial support

Tax Compliance Services

$ 798 .00

/ per year with GST
  • Corporate Tax submission
  • Filling of Estimated Chargeable Income
  • Filling of Form C / Form C-S
  • Other taxation support

Compilation Financial Statements

 998 .00

/ per year with GST
  • Preparation of financial statements

XBRL Conversion of Financial Statements


/ per job with GST
  • Conversion of Financial Statements into XBRL format

GST Registration

$498 .00

/ per job with GST
  • GST Voluntary Registration
  • GST Compulsory Registration 

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